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Between 10-12 October 2017, we welcomed a total of 303 registered participants (83 from abroad and 220 from Hungary) at our conference. These participants came from 17 countries, from Spain through Croatia to Kazakhstan and even to Singapore. During the three days, a total of 61 presentations were given, 38 by guest speakers and 23 by Hungarians. 19 exhibitors were present with stands, of them 11 were foreign companies.

On basis of the feedbacks received till date, the participants considered the conference valuable and interesting, both from the point of view of  the number and quality of the presentations and the networking opportunities offered alike. The venue, the services provided and the social events have also received a positive mention from the participants, let them come from Hungary, Russia or Switzerland.
Our goal is to have railway engineers from all over Europe (and also from a little further East, from Russian language territories) meet in Hungary every other year for a genuine professional exchange of views and experiences, as forward-looking thinking and coordination between the nations are not only useful but also necessary for the future of railway transport.

So we are looking forward to welcoming you in Budapest also in 2017.

Innorail 2019